Benefits of chiropractic care for Lumbago

Correctly align the pelvis and spine
Eliminates pressure on the surrounding nerves and discs
Increase the recovery time and help to prevent future problems


When nerves in and around the low part of the spine become pinched, it can provoke pain or cause muscle contractures.
Lumbago is produced when the muscles around the lower back contract, severely limiting movement causing the sensation of being “stuck.” This often occurs from poor postures which overload the spine and cause the muscle surround to contract, protecting the weak zone whether from a sudden improper movement or continued poor posture.

Lumbago can also be caused by:

Kidney stones

Lumbar stenosis

A Chiropractor can help with lumbargo

1. Complete Chiropractic Exam

Including a complete orthopedic and neurological exam of your spine including the lumbar spine.

2. Specific Chiropratic adjustments

Specific, safe chiropractic adjustments to eliminate the pinched nerves within the spine that align the vertebrae to their correct position, stabilizing the muscles around the spine while correcting overall posture.

3. Correct alignment of the lumbar vertebrae

By restoring the correct alignment of the spine and spinal curvature this will relax the ligaments and muscles of the spine which decreasing lumbago.

4. Postural and ergonomic advice

Proper advice on how to sitting and moving is essential for a healthier spine.

Studies show: Chiropractic adjustments help improve lumbago.

Reference from JAMA
April 24, 2013, Vol 309, No. 16

“ ..suggests patients try chiropractic services for the treatment of low back pain. According to the article, surgery is not usually needed and should only be considered if more conservative therapies fail.”

Reference from JMPT
2010 (Nov); 33 (9): 640–643

“ Chiropractic care saves 40% in health care costs in comparison to general medical attention.”