What are Subluxations?


A subluxation is a functional, structural or pathological alteration to an articulation (mainly the vertebral column,cranium or pelvis), that reduces the proper neurological function/communication by a minimum of 60%. Subluxations affect the bodys balance of health and wellbeing and may be related to a variety of health related issues.

The chiropractor is specialized in detecting, correcting and preventing subluxations.

Subluxations can have various different components; biomechanical, neurological, trophic and psychosocial. Daily lifestyle habits and stressors can often be factors in the origin of subluxations. Physical stress (bad posture, repetitive movements, falls or accidents, etc), chemical stressors (smoking, unbalanced hormones, refined foods, alcohol, etc) and emotional stress (disagreements with partners/ bosses, loss of a loved one, etc) can all contribute to creating unbalanced health and lead to subluxations.

Eliminating and preventing subluxations from the nervous system helps to improve and increase our health naturally, decreasing the use of medications.