Benefits of chiropractic care for athletes…

Prevents and promotes rapid healing of acute injuries
Increases movement and flexibility of the spine and joints
Improves physical performance and contributes to proper muscle use when exercising
Increase coordination, balance and physical control


Athletes have benefited from chiropractic care for many years, however only recently has it been reported in the news. All types of athletes, from occasional runners to professionals, benefit from chiropractic, especially since it is a natural way to increase health and performance without the use of medication.

What are the benefits of regular chiropractic care for athletes?

Helps prevent injuries.
Improves movement and flexibility of the spine and other joints.
Promotes quick healing times of injuries.
Improves overall athletic physical performance.

How and why does chiropractic care work for athletes?

Chiropractic adjustments break apart old adhesions within the joint capsules and correctly align the joints which permits correct movement.
Improves the communication of the nervous system to the brain, spine and all other parts of the body. A misaligned spine can cause inflammation and pinching of nerves, which will cause pain and muscle tension. This can also decrease the correct communication and function of the messages from the brain to the extremities, thus affecting one’s performance.

One of the most common reasons athletes seek chiropractic care, is to promote correct and rapid healing after injuries.
Correct alignment of the spine contributes to correct muscle function and equal muscle tone on both sides of the body. Muscle imbalance on one side of the body can overload the other side and decrease performance, increasing the probability of deformation or injury.

Studies show that chiropractic helps the athletes.

Reference from Today’s Chiropractic.

“it doesn’t matter what level of participation they are at, or whether they come to us “asymptomatic” or “healthy” or “normal,” they still can benefit from chiropractic care in order to optimize their health and maximize their performance”