Back Pain

8 out 10 people with suffer from back pain are some point in the life and this can have major impact on our daily lifestyle. Chiropractic can help ease back pain and other problems such as scoliosis and herniated discs.

Chiropractic can help with your back pain by…

Helps to decrease the overall symptoms of pain
Restore correct movement of the spine and alignment of the vertebrae
Eliminates the pressure on the nerves, ligaments, disks, and muscles
Improves overall health and wellness for both children and adults


What specific back problems can chiropractic help?


The loss of the natural curves of the spine can cause to unequal distribution of body weight on the back. This will cause certain areas of the spine to become overloaded eventually leading to spinal degeneration and herniated discs.

A chiropractor focuses both short and long term care to not only alleviate pain in the affected area but also help to prevent further spinal degeneration.


Back pain can occur and increase in severity over time due to various factors such as a fall or improper lifting. There are many different types of pain, from mild to constant pain, to sudden sharp, that can hinder normal daily movement.

The Chiropractor will review the the spinal bio-mechanics and posture of the spine to find out which areas need to focused on in order to reduce the pain and degeneration of the spine.


Scoliosis is defined by a lateral curve(s) in the spine that deviate from the central body of the vertebrae. Scoliosis can affect the nerves that exit the spinal column through the vertebrae and cause premature degeneration of the vertebrae or the discs.

Chiropractors perform a series of exams, both structural and neurological, to determine where in the spine the nerves and surrounding tissues (ligament and muscle) are compromised.

Who can chiropractic help with back pain?

Office Workers

When we spend too much time in the office, poor posture and stress cause headaches. Chiropractic can help reduce the headaches and helps the body to cope with the overwhelming stressful situations of every day work.

Pregnant mothers

During pregnancy the mothers spine will experience many changes due to their constantly changing center of gravity. Chiropractic can help to reduce back pain by assuring proper posture and pelvic realignment


Chiropractic is frequently used by sports athletes around the world to accelerate recovery times, prevent injuries, and improve athletic performance.


Through chiropractic adjustments the elderly can reduce chronic pain and restore mobility, coordination, balance and increase overall quality of health.