Initial Consultation

Each new patient must goes through a series of steps to ensure that they are being given the best possible advice and care at Studio Chiropratica Benessere. These initial visits consist of:

First Visit

A complete patient history is needed to fully understand what needs to be done with the patient. It is important to bring all tests and examinations (X-rays, TAC, MRI, etc), and any other important information pertaining to your health during this visit.

If the chiropractor can help the patient, then a Report of Findings will be scheduled at the patient’s earliest subsequent visit.

Report of Findings

In the Report of Findings, our team will explain the following:

Results of the INSIGHT SCAN AND POSTURE PRO™ SCAN, which shows the current state of your nervous system and the specific zones along your spine where there is accumulated tension. This will provide a “map” of how your nervous system  ís functioning.

Our team will also provide a detailed report of which nerves, muscles, organs and tissues are being affected, and what are the most common symptoms associated with the nerve interferences (Subluxations).

Included within the visit are personalized recommendations from the chiropractor as to how to increase healthy daily habits such as: specific exercises, suggested amount of adjustments, nutritional modifications, and other advices that are specific to each patient.

The first visit includes:

  • Insight Millenium scans
  • A complete chiropractic exam
  • Posture Pro™ postural examinations
  • Neurological evaluation of your nervous system